6 Best Night Vision Car Cameras 2021 [Editor’s Review]

To keep your driving safe in an unfriendly situation, we are here with a solution, presenting a unique product with various features like broad-angle vision, easy installation by yourself, long service life, and guarantee protection. In today’s world of technology, we are already using different sensors to detect vehicles’ environments. 

The car dash camera night vision is one of them which can give you a clear picture presentation during driving. Through this car dash camera front, any person can recognize danger and is a source of the passive safety system. Other than this night vision camera scans the environment around your car, derives warnings, and in just a split second, the person sitting on the driver’s seat can respond to the danger in an instance. 

On the other hand, many people must drive at night, whether it’s going to or from work or grasping a midnight snack from the store. More or less, every single person on the planet earth ends up driving at night at some point in their life. However, driving at night sometimes means an increased risk of vehicle accidents due to poor visibility, which is an obvious fact. Now thanks to night vision cameras, drivers can expand their vision with a clear picture presentation. You can access transparent image of your vehicles surrounding even in the rainy days and this help you out to avoid blurry vision.

Buying Guide for Best Night Vision Car Camera

Before you buy a car camera, make sure that you have a checklist of the features that must be present in it. We have listed some features. This will help you strengthen your decision.

Wide-angle lens

A wide-angle lens can cover a larger area of the road when you try to record some incident. It will capture as much activity in front of you as it can. Nowadays, almost every car camera uses wide-angle lenses that capture video from 3 axes. It will not only capture the front view, but the side views as well, so you can give a number of pieces of evidence in your favor in case of any road rage or incident. During the night, these cameras will give you information about the cars beside you as well. Make sure that your night vision car camera captures the videos at a wide angle.

Good picture quality

The car camera for night vision should have the features to capture videos that have high picture quality. If a car camera records videos in great quality, then it can help you detect any kind of theft or mishap. It will simply record the video of the way and help you find your car in any case of an incident. Moreover, during the course of night traveling, a good-quality camera can be helpful in keeping a look at the road.


Reviews are a major while purchasing a product. Revies of other customers can give us an idea about the performance of the product. Hence, we get an idea of how it will work for us. If buying any product, not this specific but any product out there, continuously checks its reviews. They will guide you in the right direction. You will get the idea from the experiences of others, and then you can predict your future with the product on them.


Product features also have their importance. If you are buying a product, make sure that it serves the purpose you want. If purchasing a night vision camera for a car, make sure it has a display that can work for you. Sometimes people buy products that are useless for them because they don’t give importance to its feature. They take a look at the name and go for it, which is a wrong approach.


The warranty of the product ensures the period it is going to last. Even if it doesn’t last that long company will repair it or replace it. Therefore, buy an item that has a nice and attractive warranty on the back. This camera will give you satisfaction and guarantee about that item’s life.

High definition

We would always recommend you check the quality of the picture before buying a dash camera with good night vision. The higher quality of pictures your camera capture, the more details it will record for your video evidence. Although all the cameras record a great-quality video, only an HD camera will help you go in-depth. It can be helpful in focusing on minor details to prove your innocence in any incident.

Loop recording 

Loop recording is a very useful feature built specifically for car cameras. With loop recording, the camera keeps on recording videos as long as the memory is available for new videos. If the memory becomes full, then the camera starts clearing space for new videos by removing the oldest ones. In this way, no junk videos are stocked in your memory card. So, before you buy a car dash camera, check if it offers loop recording or not.

Parking protection

The parking protection keeps your car safe from any incident when you are not around. It can keep your car protected from collisions with other drivers and also from the people who try to break into your car. The best quality parking protection cameras have battery-saving properties as they start working only when a motion is detected near the car.

Multi lens

Multi lens car camera lenses with night vision have a special feature with the double-sided camera. One of them is a rear-facing camera, and the other is a front-facing one. Both of them function together to record the interior of the vehicle as well as monitoring the road. This function is helpful for taxi drivers who want to keep a check on passenger activity. It can help fleet managers as well who want to keep a record of driver’s behavior inside the car and on the road.

1: 1080p Full HD Camera for Front

night vision car camera

This is a 1080p car dash camera front and inside. This is a product of the future. It records your journey in 1080p HD quality. It just doesn’t only work in the daytime. It can also capture high-quality videos at night. It has the best night vision that you can get in a car dash camera; This is an amazing product with some wonderful features. It has a smart lock feature built-in. Brief detail about the product is written below:

Wide-angle vision 

We can say that it is one of the best night owl cameras, capturing more details and automatically adjusting the balance if your car is passing through haphazard roads. This night vision camera can help drivers improve their driving experience and are even more magical for youngsters or people who feel hesitant during the night drive. Clear broad image screening and display allow the driver to check whether to move fast or slow in the specific lane chosen. Isn’t it helpful?

Loop recording  

It also saves the recording of every moment during driving and shows an apparent display condition on rainy, windy days. Car dash camera loop recording captures a comprehensive view of the road, allowing drivers to look ahead and avoid accidents. It’s just amazing.

Emergency lock

During night driving, it improves safety along the way. That is the primary benefit of this device that you can enjoy easily. If you buy this product but wait, let me introduce another feature: a lock protecting your car. Most of the time, when drivers are in a hurry, they leave the vehicle unlocked. Still, this emergency lock system automatically locks your vehicle if it seems like some substandard situation.

Danger monitoring

Work for dark conditions and work super great for other low-visibility conditions such as fog, dust, and even smoke. Furthermore, because of this, the driver can easily detect danger earlier. Hence it shows the night vision camera has a better measurement principle, a good prediction in traffic issues during night vision. 


The driver can easily connect this device with a mobile phone and is well able to store all details on the phone. Lastly, it can detect animals nearby during driving and inform through signals. All these things can happen by image processing showing on display.

Zoom angle view

The driver can activate the zoom function to see far, and the car dashcam dual Len’s results are precise and softer. The lens and display of the night vision camera are pretty transparent. Secondly, drivers can point out blind spots quickly, if any.

  • 1080p HD display.
  • Wide-angle capture.
  • Super quality night vision.
  • Recording can sometimes be a little problematic.


Estimation shows that people can avoid many accidents and make driving safe for people of every age. Sensors, night vision cameras, detecting technology, and much other stuff are essential to driving. In addition, the safety system is highly demanding everywhere in every field of life, from going to diving, and equally crucial in accident-free traffic. Comparatively, in the world of technology where things are pressing, we uniquely present a safe and effective night vision camera that helps people in driving belong to every profession, age, or interest. Finally, we can conclude that all these technologies are generally helpful, have high accuracy, and benefit from detecting harm.

2: VIOFO A119 V3 2K Dash Camera

night vision car camera

The car cameras are great guards for your cars. A night vision car camera is not useful to save you from indulging in any road incident, but it can give you some really useful evidence at your fingertips. It can save you from any long-term disasters that might be harmful to you. If you are somehow involved or seen in any road accident, this camera can help you come out of the problem through some supporting evidence.

A good night vision car camera can help you clear videos even through the darker ways. If you are traveling at night or through a covered tunnel, then this kind of camera can be very helpful to see by turning the LCD on. Car cameras have become very popular in the UK, but still, some of the features of these cameras are still unknown to many people.  

Read the complete product description to see if this camera is the one you need or not.

QUAD HD Recording

One of the main features of this camera is that it features an entirely new chipset design. The Sony sensor design supports Quad HD recording and creates very high quality, vivid and detailed images. It will provide the same quality of images in various lighting environments. It means that the camera is irrespective that you are recording at night or day. You will get the same quality of all the images and the videos in light conditions.

SONY 5MP Starvis Sensor

Sony has always been bringing innovation into the automobile company. The special car cameras with Sony 5mp sensors can be the best option for your car. These cameras can provide you a great experience with the videos, with the quality, and with all the details on the road.

The special Sony STARVIS 5mp technology is present in the camera. It will help you experience the detailed, brighter, and crystal-clear images that will be captured during the daytime or the nighttime equally. It is irrespective of the lighting that your camera captures a superbly clear and consistent picture which can help you focus on minor details of the video on the road.

Motion and collision detection

This special dash camera has G-sensors and state-of-art motion detection Technology. Both these features capture the video intelligently while the car is parked. If any object movement or any impact is detected near the parked vehicle, the camera automatically starts recording the video in the high-quality picture. Moreover, these files are tagged as important and protected into the memory card so you can check them in case of any incident.

Pre and post-buffered recording

One of the main outstanding features of this camera is its buffered recording. This camera has advanced and intelligent recording Technology. It will capture the whole story of events that led to a collision or that happened after the collision. This will save the footage of 15 seconds before a collision and almost 30sceonds after a detected collision. So, you can have your evidence of any collision during the time the car was parked. This feature can also help you in claiming any kind of insurance of the car because the video can be used as evidence for the insurance companies that your damage was not done by yourself.

True parking mode

Usually, in the parking modes of different car cameras, every camera works in a frame-to-frame organization which provides you the video of the car from the front, from the back, and from the sides. This special dash camera makes you forget about all the old and conventional styles of parking mode. It will make you forget frame-by-frame recording and get you the high-quality picture video. These camera video segments are captured continuously in full clips. When your vehicle is parked, you do not have to struggle in the frame by frame stringing together.

  • Recording
  • Advanced Parking Mode
  • Buffered recording
  • Motion and collision detection
  • G-sensor time lapse
  • Trouble finding the crash videos
  • Difficult to operate
  • It has difficult access to the videos

Final verdict

If you are looking for a great car camera with good night vision, then you can go for this camera without giving it a second thought. It gives you crystal-clear video quality, and it has all the features that must be present in a night vision car camera. This 360-degree wide-angle camera is light on your pocket and keeps your car safe.

3: AUTO-VOX TW1 Wireless Backup Camera

night vision car camera

Car cameras are great guards for your cars. A car dash camera can obviously not save you from any bad incident, but it can provide you some supporting evidence at your fingertips. It can save you from any long-term disaster. If you are somehow involved or seen in any road accident, this camera can help you come out of the problem.

A dash camera with good night vision can help you see clearly in darker ways. If you are traveling at night or through a covered tunnel, then this kind of camera can be very helpful. Car cameras have become very popular in the UK, but still, some of the features of these cameras are still unknown to many people.  

Read the complete product description to see if this camera is the one you need or not.

Crystal-clear video quality

The most promising feature of any car is the quality of the video which it catches. So, in this wireless backup camera, you will experience crystal clear video quality. As you know that this camera is multi-lens enabled, so the front camera records the video at 1440p, and the rear camera records the video at 1080p. So, you will get a video from this camera which will be clear and have in it all the details that you can easily focus on.

Incident detection and built-in GPS

Since we promised you all the best features combined in a camera, so this special wireless backup camera has incident detection and GPS quality. It has 360 G508H premium qualities, which automatically save the current video as soon as it detects any incident. The wireless backup camera has a special built-in GPS. It can give you proof of exactly when and where a certain incident occurred and whether you were not involved in this or not.

Parking surveillance mode

This wireless backup camera gives you a special parking surveillance mode. It means when your car is parked, and obviously, you cannot stand near it all the time. So, at such time, the built-in functions of this camera record any kind of motion or collision around your car. All the multi lenses start functioning immediately. The front camera starts recording the front of the car, and simultaneously, the rear camera will be busy recording the backside whenever the car is parked and powered off. This camera activates through the motion sensor and provides its services.

Low light true color

The special premium qualities of this camera provide all the colors to the video in every light condition. It means that you will no longer get the traditional black and white images if the light conditions were low. Rather you will have colorful, brighter, and high-resolution images.

SD card comes with the package.

When you buy this wireless backup camera, all you need is to power up, and then you are ready to go. It is because this package includes a 32GB SD card which can be used by the camera to record and save any kind of incident in the parking mode. It will also keep recorded all the necessary events which you have saved by yourself or are done by the camera. The loop recording in this camera keeps on clearing space for important new videos by deleting the unnecessary older videos.

  • High-quality video capturing
  • Autosaves the video of an incident
  • Wide-angle
  • Colored night vision
  • It only supports a 128 GB SD card.
  • Wonky app
  • No adjustment for the angle of the windshield

Final verdict

If you are looking for a great car camera with good night vision, then you can go for this camera without giving it a second thought. It gives you crystal-clear video quality, and it has all the features that must be present in a night vision car camera. This 360-degree wide-angle camera is light on your pocket and keeps your car safe.

4: Furrion Vision S 5 inch Sharkfin Camera:

night vision car camera

Furrion Vision S 5 inch Sharkfin Camera has a wireless backup camera system. This is the best touch-screen wide-angled night vision camera. It has all the qualities that the best camera should have to provide a good view, prevention from accidents, and feasible installation. The whole package comes with a camera, monitor, interior table stand, and windshield mount. Some of its unique features are discussed here:

Wide viewing angle:

This camera reduces blind spots all around your RV and provides maximum visibility due to wide viewing angles. It helps you to reverse your car safely. The doorway and rear cameras have a 120 ° viewing angle, while the side camera possesses a viewing angle of 65°. You can see far away subjects with the help of this camera.

HD touch screen monitor:

With the help of its 5” high-resolution touch screen monitor, you can view up to4 cameras at a time. You can easily observe merging, tailgating, and passing cars through this anti-glare monitor. You can attach this monitor with a table mount and windshield to access full coverage.

Night vision:

It provides clear and precise video of up to 40 feet coverage even in complete darkness. Due to its IR cut filters, it can also be used during daylight.

Rear assists marker lines:

Its rear assist marker lines help you to see hidden obstacles and blind spots while reversing your car. Thus it protects your car from any damage while backing up. Rear and doorway cameras have a built-in microphone that can capture any kind of sound.


This camera is perfect for commercial trucks and travel trailers because it provides a transmission range of up to 492 feet when your car is parked and up to 50 feet while driving at high speed. It provides clear and smooth live video due to its 2.4GHz wireless technology. It has a digital locking signature. This signature prevents image loss or image interference while driving or parking.

Motion detection:

It consists of an auto-awake monitor that turns on the cameras immediately when observing any kind of movement around your vehicle. Thus it provides peak security to your automobile.

Easy, quick installation:

This camera can be easily installed in your vehicle because it offers built-in features. You just have to attach it to your car then it will start working immediately. Thus it minimizes extensive drilling requirements.

  • 120° viewing angle
  • Night + day vision
  • Sound capture
  • A durable and intelligent camera system
  • 2.4GHz transmission range
  • Waterproof, wireless technology
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Easy to install
  • Some customers complain about the quality of its monitor.


This camera is best for heavy vehicles. Due to its wireless technology, it is easy to handle. If you need a camera with a high transmission range and night/day vision, then it is a perfect fit for you. It will protect you from any kind of accident due to its motion detection quality.

 5: Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Built-in Wi-Fi GPS Car Dashboard Camera:

night vision car camera

The rove2-4k car dashboard camera is the most advanced and powerful camera of today. Its hardware is designed to provide clear video during the day as well as at night. Its software is built with advanced features to meet the requirements of the customers. Its box consists of a dash camera, USB power cable, and car charger, and suction mount, cable hiding clips, registration card, and user manual. A memory card is not included in the package. Samsung class 10, U3 speed Micro SD card is recommended for this camera. Its astonishing features are listed below:

Ultra HD recording:

Its resolution power is 2160p. Due to this high resolution, it provides high-quality video recordings. The color quality of its recorded videos is comparatively good than other car dash cameras.

Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS:

Due to this built-in Wi-Fi feature, you can attach your Smartphone with this camera. It allows you to directly record videos on your mobile phone and then share them on social media. Its built-in GPS precisely records your driving speed and location. It helps you to view driving routes and trackers on Google maps with the help of its already installed Wi-Fi feature.

Super night vision:

Due to its SONY STARVIS IMX 335 Sensor, it can capture ultra low light videos even on the dark road. It consists of an F1.8 large aperture, six glass, 150 degrees wide-angle lens, which is controlled by its STARVIS sensor. This lens provides maximum visibility even during nighttime. It also has a distortion correction feature that makes the image less distorted and realistic.

Supports largest memory card:

A rove2-4k car dashboard camera is designed to support up to 512 GB memory card. This is the largest memory card in the industry. This memory card allows you to record as many videos as you can.

Voice guidance:

Rove 2-4k camera provides many voice alerts.  It informs you about the activation of parking mode while you were away from your car. Parking mode usually gets activated when something hits your parked car, and then the G-sensor level turns on the cameras and records a 1-minute video. When you come back in your car, then it gives you a voice alert about this action and lets you watch that video.

Beautiful screen saver:

This camera has a beautiful screen saver which provides information about time, date, day, red blinking dot (recording status), live speed, and driving compass direction.

Dual Parking mode:

This camera has custom-designed two distinct parking modes. One of them is the internal battery parking mode. In this case, there is no need for additional accessories. The other is a 24-Hour auto-trigger parking mode. This mode requires REVO ultimate HWK.

  • Loop recording
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Multi-language support
  • Sony STARVIS sensor for ultra night vision
  • A lens with F1.8 aperture and 150-degree wide-angle
  • 12MP Photo resolution
  • Dual parking Mode
  • Motion detection
  • Emergency video lock
  • 1-year warranty
  • Less expensive
  • The distortion correction feature is disliked by many people.
  • Difficult installation

Final verdict:

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam is a highly recommended night camera due to its high-quality SONY STARVIS sensor. This camera is also good for you if you are planning to go somewhere new. Then its built-in Wi-Fi and GPS will help you in locating the right direction. It will give you a voice alert in case of the wrong direction. It is also liked due to its dual parking mode and high-resolution power.


6: AZDOME Dual, 1080P FHD Dashboard Camera:

night vision car camera

AZDOME is considered one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of car dash cameras. AZDOME provides dash cameras with advanced features to car lovers. AZDOME Dual, 1080P FHD Dashboard Camera is a small HD camera that can be placed on the rear windscreen of the car where it can record the road ahead of the driver. This camera provides precise information about vehicles around your car to prevent any accident. It also helps the drivers to park their cars safely by its motion sensor technology. When you start your car, this camera turns on and starts recording video, and it turns off automatically when your car stops. A detail of its some features is given below:

Dual recording and reverse view:

This dual dash camera allows you to record video of everything that is happening behind your car with the help of its waterproof, 4 LED lights bearing rear camera as it is a water repellent camera so it can be used when it is raining. It records double–vision live video without any blind spot with the help of 1080P front and VGA rear cameras.

Wide-angle and night vision:

It consists of a 150-degree wide-angle camera along with an FHD 1080P resolution advanced sensor, which helps to record clear and precise videos during day and night times.

Loop recording:

With the help of this feature, you can record videos in a loop. This camera consists of an SD card. Your recorded loop videos will be stored on this card. When the memory capacity of this card is finished, then this card automatically overwrites the videos. This camera also helps you to make time-lapse videos.

LED indicator:

It comprises an LED indicator that tells about the working of the dash camera when it goes to screen saver mode. Blue light indicates that your dash camera is recording. At the same time, the red light denotes the charring of your dash camera.

360° Rotation Suction Mount and 3M Sticky Mount:

With the help of this suction mount, the camera can record videos from every direction. It also makes the installation process hassle-free.

24-Hour parking monitor and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems:

This monitor can record the video when somebody hits your car while it is parked somewhere. It works on the internal battery. This camera consists of an advanced driver assistance system that warns the driver in case of unintentional line departure. It produces an alarming sound when there is a risk of collision.

  • Wide angled lens
  • G-sensor
  • 1080P clearer images
  • Day/night vision
  • Loop recording
  • The advanced driver assistance system
  • LED indicator
  • Free firmware upgrade
  • Waterproof backup camera
  • It requires proper management.
  • Some people find its installation difficult.


If you have trouble recording videos from behind your car, then this camera is perfect for you. It can record videos clearly from every side. It will help you drive safely during daylight as well as at night. It can be used during rain due to its waterproof nature.

7: iZEEKER Dash Cam 

night vision car camera

SEEKER dash cam is a high-quality night vision camera with a built-in manual recording mode and still-image capturing feature. Due to qualities, it can record every moment of your journey. Below is the description of its amazing features:

 Wide angled high-resolution dash cam:

This camera records maximum lanes with the help of its 170 degrees wide-angle lens. This lens helps to record almost all events without any blind spot and provides precise evidence of the accident.  Due to its high-resolution 1080P, it provides clearer images of road signs day and night. It offers high-definition video quality for you.

Advanced night vision:

This camera comprises a large aperture of F1.8 along with WDR, HDR technology. Due to these features, it provides clear images at night. They reduce the need for auxiliary light sources even when there is darkness. This camera can easily provide images with accurate color contrast.

Emergency incident recording:

Due to its built-in G-sensor and active impact monitoring system, it can automatically record locked videos of sudden shakes. You can check this recorded video about the incident. It provides you maximum security and peace of mind. It will be your independent witness on your trip.

Intelligent parking monitoring:

This camera has a 24-hours parking mode. This parking mode can automatically record a bump or physical movement on the vehicle when it is left unattended.

Loop recording:

With the help of this dash camera, you can record loop videos of 3/5/10 minutes. These videos are stored in their memory card. Your newly recorded videos will be automatically overwritten on old recordings by this camera to manage the space in your memory card. It ensures the recording of videos of recent events.


There are two ways to install this camera. It can be installed by rotating the camera at 360 degrees to record any desired direction or loosen the screw to adjust the camera’s angle and tightens the suction cup.

  • Superb 1080P video quality
  • 24-Hour parking mode
  • Loop recording
  • Monitor and G-sensor
  • Motion detection and Emergency recording
  • WDR technology
  • Advanced Night vision
  • 170-degree wide-angle
  • Small in size, big incapacity
  • Supports up to 128 GB
  • Complicated installation.

Final Verdict:

This is a small-sized dash camera that is a combination of almost every good feature. It provides high-quality images. It provides extreme level protection with the help of its G-sensor and parking mode. It makes sure that you will never miss all-important road signs. It provides conclusive evidence about accidents.

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