5 Smart Hidden Camera for Cars 2021 [Latest Updated]

Everything happens for a reason, and thankfully we are surviving in the era where technology is making our life much easier and full of benefits. Other than this, developed countries were moving super-fast towards the Fourth industrial revolution. This advancement shows more advanced technology and safety measurements. 

Nothing is for certain, so why would you take the safety of yourself and your car for granted? Moreover, when it comes to the security of personal property and car the first things click in our mind is camera and thanks to hidden car security cameras people can keep their most important materials, or possession protected all the time.

Secondly, many car dash cameras discreet are operated by motion detection. When something or someone moves ahead of the camera, it will turn on and start recording. But what makes these so worthy is that these small hidden cameras will give no sign that they are recording, and no lights will turn on, or the car will make no noise so that criminals won’t get alert in the process. Other than this, cameras are everywhere these days. They are not just small but easy to install as well. So having a camera in your car helps prevent robberies and avoid accidents. It can be wired or wireless. You can activate this device manually, by remote, or through a motion detector.

Buying Guide for Hidden Camera for Car 

If you are in search of a hidden camera for your car, there are some essential aspects that you should take into your consideration in the cameras. There are several options present in the market; thus, it is important to consider some of the given aspects before purchasing the car camera. 

Image Quality:

Image quality is very important if you are buying a hidden camera for your car. If the image quality is not good, face recognition and other things will not be possible. Recoding will be of bad quality, and such thing is of no help. So, buy a camera with the best image quality.

Wide-angle lens

A wide-angle lens will capture the video of the happenings around you in a detailed way. It will not only give you the front view from the car but also captures sideways. It uses different angles and axes to provide a high-quality image for your ease. It will keep the record of any overtaking as well to keep you safe.

Battery Life:

A hidden camera requires long battery life. Suppose its battery won’t last longer than 5 hours than such hidden cam is not good. Buy such a camera that has long-lasting batteries.

Infra-red lighting

Some cameras have special LEDs which are activated to light up the surroundings with infra-red light. It increases the effectiveness of the captured video even in low-light conditions. The camera also features an IF filter. This filter is used to bring about the additional details, so you get a clearer night-time video.

Night Vision:

A hidden cam should also have a night vision. Car is often stolen at night. So, look for a camera that has night vision. The best car camera for theft should not only be useful in the bright light of the day, but it should also give the same quality during the darkness of the night. Always get your hands on the camera that offers good picture quality at night. A camera with good night vision can give more evidence in case of any incident.

Camera Concealment 

The concealment is an important element that you should see in your hidden camera before choosing because this aspect offering a high level of security. If you want to buy a car dash camera best for secret recording, then concealment is the essential thing that must have the camera. Choose a camera that will disappear easily on the car dash inside or optimally composite or fit into a specific area of your car’s interior. You can conceal the camera and attach it with some options like sticky backing pads or used clips that help in the camera installed in the car. 

Storage Capabilities

If you want the best car dash camera, you must review the camera’s storage capabilities. The hidden camera does not offer ample storage, and it may be a big issue for recording the best data. Thus, first, check which type of recording you require, then choose this type of camera that provides storage according to your requirement. 

If you want extended hours of film, your camera must provide backup storage or a hard drive. But if you require only short clips, it is best to buy a removal SD card.  But I will recommend you buy those car dash cameras that come with sufficient storage capabilities. 

Motion Activated Camera 

Motion-activated car dash cameras only start when there are in motion or movement occurs in the car, and if movement does not present in the car, they may be inactive and do not work. But the motion-activated camera will have recorded everything you need. Not only recorded but also saving up on storage and power. However, motion-activated cameras are the best for secretly recording inside the car. 


G-sensors, which are also known as G-shock sensors, are designed to measure the movement of your vehicle through 3 different axes. This information, on the one hand, can be helpful in painting a clear picture of an incident. It can also make your car camera respond appropriately to the situation. Most cameras will detect significant movement and automatically lock the video file being produced currently, so the video remains safe from any overwriting or being damaged.

HD image and video quality

The camera you select should capture high-definition video so you can focus more keenly on the details like number plates or other stickers on the car that can help in its identification. Any simple camera can record a video of the road in front of you, but only an HD camera can give you a detailed picture of any incident.

Loop recording

Loop recording is a beneficial feature designed for car cameras especially. With loop recording, the camera keeps on recording videos as long as the memory is available for new videos. If the memory becomes full, then the camera starts clearing space for new videos by removing the oldest ones. In this way, no junk videos are stocked in your memory card. So, before you buy a car dash camera, check if it offers loop recording or not.

1: Mini Spy Camera 1080p Hidden Camera

hidden camera for car

Today, security is a very crucial part of everyday life. Whether at home or not, saving the property and protection can be enhanced by putting the hidden camera as an additional layer of safety. 

When you want to know what is going inside your car, buy the hidden camera for the car and put it in your vehicle to record the pivotal conversations that happen in the car. Are you thinking of choosing the best-hidden camera for the car, then read this article and buy the given product? The discuss product in this article comes at a reasonable rate and records the happen things inside the car secretly. 

Features You Must Know About

This mini 1080p camera is the best-hidden camera for the car in the market.  Customer reviews it as the ideal spy gadget for hedgingly recording the videos and capture images, and other people do not notice this car dash camera. It is a car dash discreet camera and allows to attach it anywhere inside the car.  Furthermore, it is also ideal because of its cheap rate and unique characteristics.  Read the detailed content about this camera in this post. 

Full HD Videos and Photos 

This mini car dash spy camera comes with 1080p resolution and 150 degrees of wide-angle view. At this angle, this product permits in reviewing everything that occurs in the room and office. Its high resolution helps in providing clear and crisp videos and photos. You can see these videos and photos on your phone and tablet.

Night Vision Capabilities 

The main feature of this spy camera is the built-in high-definition night vision technology, which enhances the clarity of night recording and provides crisp images. It also comes with a new digital noise reduction technology generation, reducing environmental noise and delivering high-quality videos. 

Easy WIFI Connection 

If the wifi connection were easily available, hidden cameras would give longer live stream capability connected with mobiles or the router. This hidden camera for cars comes with only 2.4 GHz wifi access; this feature helps access the camera using the free downloadable app on their devices. You can also put this camera in your home and stream all the videos on your phone or other devices app by remotely accessing the hidden camera.

This Mini Spy Camera 1080p Hidden Camera is best for giving security to your home, office, family, or other secret places. 

Intelligent Motion Detection 

This camera comes with an intelligent motion detection feature. When any motion occurs, it will send notifications to your devices, such as your phone and tablet. This thing helps in alerting you to don’t miss the imperative situations as it notifies you. You can record the videos when unstable or any movement happens around the hidden camera. 

64G SD Card 

This best car dash camera comes with a 64G SD card. It records and saves them into the card. It also allows you to share the content with your friends via social media. You can hide this mini spy camera in the office, home bathroom, bedroom, and backyard and put it in the pocket. This hidden camera offers awesome night vision for securing your home, office around the clock. 

Mini Portable

This camera comes with a lightweight of about 5.2 ounces. It is mini in size and does not notice if you put it in any secret place. You can easily hide this best spy item in the car’s dashboard, stick it on the back seat and other places. It records ideal videos and full HD footage.

  • Ideal motion detection
  • Provide full HD videos and photos
  • Small in size
  • Easy to use
  • Simple installation
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Amazing built
  • 1080p HD resolution
  • Can be little expensive


When it comes to hidden cameras for cars, there are huge options to pick from the stock. Your ingenuity only bounds you. In this article, I have discussed the buying guides you need to check to choose the hidden camera for a car. I hope after reviewing this article makes it easy for you to buy the best-hidden camera.  Good Luck!

2: Kenuo Hidden Spy Camera

hidden camera for car

This tiny hidden camera can secure your car from damages and act as a perfect tool for your car security. This is the best hidden camera, especially when you faced danger in the past. You should definitely have this Kenuo hidden spy camera in your car. 

Record what happens

A car dash camera hidden can record everything, and it’s a great way of collecting evidence if the person is in danger. Secondly, if multiple people use the same car, this hidden camera helps you check where, when, and why the vehicle is going. Without any biasness, this hidden tool tells you everything is happening inside your car. Car dash cameras are best for keeping an eye on children.

Smart Security

Hidden cameras are available in different types like wireless, wired, and motion detector cameras. This car camera system can also work wireless. It provides you the footage from the car to your mobile for security purposes.


Firstly, it requires a little creativity in how to set up a hidden camera inside your car. Secondly, the customer will need a system that can provide a transparent and stable look while the car is bouncing down the track road. Thirdly if any person wants to buy our hidden cameras, you have to know that most other sites offer WIFI hidden cameras. We sell some of those as well, but they aren’t our top priority for customers who need a high-quality image and always want small-sized wireless cameras.

Loop recording

This car dash camera inside has loop recording that can record continuous footage replacing the old one as soon as it runs out of space. It is the best way to keep a record of the latest moments that are happening around.

Record audio

As with recording video, these hidden cameras save audio as well. Anything can happen inside the car, and we provide our customer’s safe side by giving them evidence for things other people can deny while using your car.

Storage capacity

Storage is one of the big problems facing many people when they buy hidden cameras, but this camera has high storage range. It depends on which kind of recording you need, maybe short clips or just for security, and it helps determine the storage capacity of cameras further; you can easily remove the storage device card whenever you want.


Our customers can easily connect hidden cameras with any device they want, which helps them check out things effortlessly. The hidden car dash camera on the phone provides all the footage it records. Benefits packed in mini hidden cameras are just what we all want for our car security.

Night vision

Not only affordable in price but also provide customer clear night vision without any blind spots and not easy to find out. Moreover, battery life is quite better as compared to other cameras.

  • 1080p HD recording.
  • Wireless connectivity to your android devices.
  • Night vision with loop recording.
  • Poor quality audio recording.


We are changing the world with the help of technology and improving safety in all fields of life. It still looks like magic how a tiny camera can record audio and video, but thanks to modern equipment and technology, that is now impossible. Every business is in the race of quick decision making, spreading more knowledge about products and because of this people choose easily what they want or what they don’t. Hidden cameras ensure security, and we believe that in the end, safety and security must be on the top for every business and every person, so it’s better to be safety conscious.

3: REXINGV1- 4K Ultra HD Car Dash Camera

hidden camera for car

Car cameras can be a great source of clear evidence from inside the cars. If you take some people on a ride, or any theft or robbery is being planned while you are in the car, then the hidden camera with audio can help you record not only the video but the audio as well. The actual meaningful evidence can be recorded with these cameras. Moreover, the camera is hidden in the car, so no one will ever know about this.

Out of the huge variety of car cameras, we have picked the best one that has all the useful features for you. We will also provide you with a buying guide so that you can get the camera of your choice but with the features that you have short-listed.

Ultra HD discrete design

This camera has a top-quality OV4689 image sensor, which is designed to capture the beautiful high-resolution ultra-HD videos of 2160p even if you are driving very fast. It has a signature design that is kind of low profile and provides the camera to be a well-hidden witness for any kind of road rage. The design allows the V1 to conceal its presence from the road ahead. The discrete design supports high-endurance microSD cards. The most appealing feature of this camera is that it supports a memory card of up to 256GB in size.

A wide-angle lens and dynamic range

This camera has a 7-layers glass lens. This lens opens up to capture a sweeping view of your surroundings. The camera uses different axes to capture what is happening around the car. This can either be used as a memorable recording of a trip or can be used as evidence of your innocence in case of any road rage. The superior WDR technology allows the camera to perform at its best in any lighting situation by adjusting the exposure to create balanced images and footage.


The dashcam uses a supercapacitor that can withstand extreme temperatures from -20 to 176°F, prevents the risk of overheating, extends the life span and reliability of the camera. With the parking monitor feature, the dash camera will automatically turn on and record a 20-second video when the car camera detects vibration OR select to record 24/7 by capturing frames to make a 24/7 time-lapse video. We need a smart hardwire kit to activate the parking mode.

Parking monitor

This camera specially provides you with the best parking solutions in your car. It has three different parking modes enable in it. This will provide you with the best solutions for your every need. This is the one-stop solution for all of your car camera problems. It detects the events automatically and eventually starts recording a video. It has a low bitrate, which will keep the film at minimum size. If you want to save card space and want the video to stay recorded in your car for a long time, then you can reduce the quality of the video.

Wifi connection

The car camera has a special built-in wifi system. This allows you to instantly store, edit and share the recording of the video from anywhere to any other place or any other person with the help of the user-friendly mobile application. You can easily view, save, and share dash cam recordings wirelessly on your mobile device with the use of an app interface.

Loop recording and G-sensors

Video can be recorded in different time intervals of 1, 2, or 3 minutes. When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically replace the oldest recordings. However, if you have some saved recordings, then they will not be disturbed. When the built-in gravity sensor detects a collision, the current video is locked, ensuring important footage is kept protected. Locked videos will be kept safe from being overwritten.

  • G-sensors and loop recording
  • HD display and video recording
  • Collision detection
  • Ultra-wide angle
  • Parking monitor
  • Supercapacitor
  • You need to be careful on firmware updates
  • Requires some tweaks

4: IIWEY Dash Camera – Motion sensor cameras for cars are a treat for busy people

hidden camera for car

The car cameras are a new sensation in the automobile technology. In the UK, these cameras have been used like a common treat but still in some areas of the world these cameras are unknown. The motion sensor cameras for cars can be a great treat for busy people. they start recording as soon as any movement occurs near the car. In case of any incident, the recorded file is saved by the camera automatically into a protected file.

There is a huge variety of motion sensor cameras for cars in the automobile market. This might get you into a lot of confusion and frustration to select the best one for your car. You have to take care of everything before buying it. we are here to help you through your decision. Read the article till end to get the best camera installed in the car.

Buying guide for motion sensor cameras

Before you buy a car camera, make sure that you have a check list of the features that must be present in it. We have listed some features. This will help you strengthen your decision.

Multi lens

Multi lens motion sensor cameras have a special feature with double-sided camera. One of them is a rear-facing camera and the other is front-facing one. Both of them function together to record the interior of the vehicle as well as monitoring the road. This functional is helpful for taxi drivers who want to keep a check on passenger activity. It can help fleet managers as well who want to keep a record of driver’s behavior inside the car and on the road.

Loop recording 

Loop recording is a very useful feature built specifically for car cameras. With loop recording, the camera keeps on recording videos as long as the memory is available for new videos. If the memory becomes full then the camera starts clearing space for new videos by removing the oldest ones. In this way no junk videos are stocked in your memory card. So, before you buy a car dash camera, check if it offers loop recording or not.

Infra-red lighting

Some cameras have special LEDs which are activated to light up the surroundings with infra-red light. It increases the effectiveness of the captured video even in low-light conditions. The camera also features an IF filter. This filter is used to bring about the additional details so you get a clearer night-time video. 

Final verdict

This hidden camera with audio can be a great purchase because it can give you the most outcome of investing your money. It will not only capture your videos but will also keep the audio for stronger evidence. This camera has the best features to offer and is also light on the pocket. Grab it and enjoy a safer and peaceful journey.

5: IIWEY Dash Camera

hidden camera for car

Read the complete product description to see if this camera is the one you need or not.

Product description

Triple lens 

This special motion sensor dash camera has triple lens which provide triple protection. There are three different channel dash cameras; the front camera, the rear camera and the cabin camera. These three cameras record simultaneously to witness the entire journey in detail. You can simply use the front and the interior camera separately if you want to. All the videos are collected in full HD resolution. So, you can capture six lanes of the road at a time and all the license plates can be captured in detail. The cabin camera captures the inside view of the car in a great quality. The rear camera of this lens is waterproof so you can simply install it outside your car without being worried.

Super night vision with IR light

The T1 dash camera is equipped with F1.8 aperture and Sony sensor.  These features of the car camera ensure that you get a clear image even at night. The special inside camera has infrared LED, so even with no light, it will show the image in black and white mode. This feature is very helpful for your car. The WDR helps the dash cam give its best even at night. You can use this camera at night with great ease and reliability.

Loop recording and G-sensor

when there is an emergency situation for example a collision or crash, the built-in G-sensors in the car camera trigger the dash camera to lock the video automatically. You can also manually lock a video when you need it as an evidence in any road rage to protect yourself from the police. The dash cam will simultaneously record, the newest video and keeps on replacing the oldest ones so your camera never runs out of memory in any emergency. However, the locked videos will not be replaced.

Protection to your car

The dash cam automatically turns on all the three cameras together. These cameras start recording as soon as they detect any motion near them.  This can provide you a video evidence if someone scratches your car in the parking. Hence ensuring your peace of mind with complete 24×7 monitoring of your car. It is not like other cameras in which the sides are never recorded.

Includes SD card

The package includes a 32GB SD card. You do not need to buy a SD card separately. The dash cam can use this card directly and the loop recording features will always keep some space freed for the next video.


The manufacturers provide 12 months service and 30 days money back guarantee. You can also contact the sellers if you have any questions regarding your product. You can simply drop your questions or send us any message through the message chat box in Amazon, we will respond immediately.

  • vision with IR LEDs
  • Includes SD card
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • 24/7 monitoring the car
  • Loop recording
  • G-sensors
  • parking mode
  • No GPS tracker

Final verdict

Overall, this camera is great for your car. You can use it with ease and reliability during your travel. It works the best not only during the day but also at night. This camera starts high-quality video recording as soon as it detects any kind of motion around it. it can provide great evidences in any case of road rage or accident. It can keep your car safe from any theft as well by recording the incident of theft.

6: Cobra Smart Hidden Dash Camera

hidden camera for car

The car cameras are a new invention and have become the most common security camera in the UK. Since this device has been very successful for cars so a huge variety of them was introduced into the market. This created fuss about which camera works best. Which one has the most useful features and an affordable price?

If you are a victim to this confusion or you do not want to bewilder yourself from this mess then you have landed at the right place. We found the best cobra dash camera review with our research to help you get the best camera.

Buying Guide for Cobra Dash Camera Review

Before you buy a car camera, make sure that you have a check list of the features that must be present in it. We have listed some features. This will help you strengthen your decision.


GPS allows your car camera to know your exact location along with your speed of traveling. This information combined with the video captured is helpful for giving the exact picture of the events or incidents in which you might get involved. Get the GPS enabled camera for your car. The built-in wifi can also help you send instant reports to the concerned authorities to claim the insurance of the car. The message does not go alone to the company but the video recording of the entire incident reaches them to prove your point.

Emergency Recordings

The car cameras have a special feature known as emergency recordings. This feature can help the car owners with the recording which are not related to any incident. If you want to keep a record of road traffic or any other road event then you can start this feature with a simple accessible button. The emergency recording will lock the recent video file to keep it safe from overwriting.

Wide angle lens

A wide-angle lens can cover a larger area of the road when you try to record some incident. It will capture as much activity in front of you as it can. Mostly the car cameras use wide angle lenses. It will not only capture the front view but the side views as well so you can give a number of evidences in your favor in case of any road rage or incident. Make sure that your cobra dash camera captures the videos at wide angle.

Product description

Read the complete product description to see if this camera is the one you need or not.

Front and back camera

The special Cobra smart dash camera is multi lens featured camera so it provides the complete coverage of the road ahead as well as behind your car. All the videos collected by this camera are special quad HD enables. The front video quality is full HD and the rear video quality is also unmatched. It captures all of the details during the daylight or the method it provides enhanced to view of the recording on a sleek 3 inches QHD LED display

Configurable accessories and Hands-free voice commands

This camera uses hands-free voice commands to operate so the cobra dash cam operation can be used to Lane departure and collision warning assistant. It will provide the safest and the smartest driving experience for you. for your convenience, all the configurable accessories are included in the package so you can easily install the camera and start using it without having to invest money in other accessories of the camera

Built-in WIFI and GPS

The GPS system is especially helpful for you in calculating the location and the speed information of the car. It ensures that you have all the necessary information about your car and its location whenever you need it. The car camera has special built-in Wi-Fi system. This allows you to instantly store, edit and share the recording of the video from anywhere to any other place or any other person with the help of cloud-based video management. Both the built-in Wi-Fi and the built-in GPS work together to give you the best experience of using a dash cam. The global positioning system uses satellites to point out our location so it can be affected by the environment.

Incident reports and mayday alerts

This special car programmed dash camera can provide you the incident reports and their live location within a few seconds. So, you can instantly share your policy number and the details of the events along with the video from your car camera to the insurance company. this can help you claim your insurance in case of a heavy damage. The emergency mode will also send an automatic text message to the emergency contact in case of a serious accident. If you get indulged in a serious road rage or face any accident then your emergency contact will be informed about the incident and along with the video of the accident from. the car

Shared community alerts

This special video camera for cars is the next best addition to the road trip accessories. This camera has special features which share the community alerts with you. By community alerts we mean that this camera will keep you informed about the drivers on the road with you. It will give you the right speed alerts in the red light cameras to get you all the knowledge about the road conditions so you can balance your speed and lane to get yourself a safer journey

  • High resolution
  • Voice commands
  • Built in WIFI and GPS
  • Smart app
  • Good-quality rear camera
  • Needs a separate mounting cup
  • Not a good option for sports car
  • Not a good HD quality camera

Final verdict

If you want a hidden camera for car that can give you a video recording of the incidents happening around your car in a good quality with a wide angle then the cobra dash camera is definitely the choice for you. its features offer the best of what they claim to. This affordable hidden camera for car can be a great installation for your car’s safety. Do not miss a chance to get this one.

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