5 Best Hidden Spy Camera for Cars 2021 [Latest Updated]

If you want to keep checks on your car and looking for a hidden spy camera for your car, then you are at the right place. This article will provide information on the best mini spy camera to put in your car from hiding the others easily. Hidden car dash cameras are available in many shapes and sizes, but it depends on you which shape and size of the hidden spy camera for the car you need.

No matter what can take place in your car, whether you are present at that time.  You can see everything that happens in the car by seeing the recording of the spy camera. The recorded of the camera, you can use it as a piece of evidence in many situations and repudiate the other persons easily, and you become on the safe side. 

Buying Guide for Hidden Spy Camera for Cars 

There are vast types of cameras available in the market, such as action cameras and bullet cameras, as they all perform the specific task of recording footage from a vehicle. But the thing that matters is what dashcam is best for your car? Is it the right size for your dashboard? Is it offer HD video quality? All these questions make the difference between the functionality that can be found across the range of car cameras and highlight their benefits.

Before discussing the buying guide, it is essential to know about the cash dash camera, its features, and its functions.

The car dash camera is a camera that is fixed inside the car or other vehicles, mainly on the interior windshield. Its primary function is to records and saves the videos when vehicles are in motion and park. The best car dash camera links to an app that allows you to see the picture and videos on your smartphone or laptop.

The high-quality dash camera for a car has many features. 

But the main features include easy to use, basic recording, and ease of assembly. The other essential components that must contain the spy camera in the car mirror are given below:


Bespoke is the best software for dashcams as it lets you view your files completely with detailed data captured by your dash camera. You can use this software to see a map of the area when a video is recorded. This software also measures your traveling speed, the date and time when you travel. 


When you are looking for a dashcam for your vehicle, make sure to select the one that has GPS (Global Positioning System). This is one of the essential features as it enables the unit to measure your precise location and speed of travel. If you get in an accident, you have full proof with video of the incident that paints a complete picture of the events leading to any incident.

High definition

If your car camera captures a better quality of the picture, you can prove invaluable as it is considered as video evidence. HD video is different from the other camera videos where you can only see the road ahead of you and the cars on it. Unlike other dashcams, HD ones capture number plates and other minor details that can make all the difference when proving your innocence in case of an accident.

Memory cards

A variety of dash cams are available in the market that either accepts an SD card or a micro-SD card. All these micro-SD cards are available with 8, 16, 32, and 64 gigabytes. When you buy these cards, make sure your dash cam accepts the one you purchase because not all dash cameras accept larger sizes. It is recommended to set your camera sensitivity camera setting to limit the number of locked files being created daily.

Photo mode

If you get a high-quality video recording dash camera, you can also enable them to take photos as well. Photo mode can be highly beneficial in any coincidence. It allows you to capture extra detail such as the other drivers involved, photos of the scene, and damage to the vehicle. 

High Video Quality

The best video quality is an important feature, and it varies from camera to camera. The three elements that produce high video quality are the processor, image sensor, and lens. For perfect video, your camera has a large field of view, high resolution, and glass lens. When the car dash camera mirror comes with these features, it makes sure that your recording is high quality in the daytime and at night in low lighting conditions.

The best car dash camera can also read the street signs and license plate numbers. But some camera does not give high-quality video due all these elements are perfect in these cameras. However, check the video quality in the mirror car camera.

Lowlight Performance

The wireless spy camera for a car should not only be useful in the bright light of the day, but it should also give the same quality during the darkness of the night. Always get your hands on the camera that offers good picture quality at night. A camera with good night vision can give more evidence in case of any incident.

Some cameras have special LEDs which are activated to light up the surroundings with infra-red light. It increases the effectiveness of the captured video even in lowlight conditions. The camera also features an IF filter. This filter is used to bring about the additional details, so you get a clearer night-time video.

The important feature you should view before buying the spy camera in the car mirror is the low light performance. Low light performance means the camera has night visions ability. If the car dash camera on the mirror comes with low light performance, it can work for you to watch your car round the clock. Thus. The low light performance is vital for you to check in the camera.

Connectivity Options

Before obtaining the car mirror camera, must review it is compatible with Wi-Fi, cellular service, and any other connections or not. It is necessary to get a camera that has connectivity options. And if the spy camera provides app access, it is incredible for you. You have to see the connectivity changes and then get the car camera.


Both these requirements are very important to present in the car dash cameras inside, and we also recommend checking before selecting the spy camera. The car camera plays an important role in recording the accident footage and determining the speed of the car, and help in finding the driving skills of the driver. However, G- sensors are crucial for a spy camera.

This sensor helps the camera to automatically reveal an accident. When the camera reveals the collision with other objects automatically saves the footage for the witness. If the forage is saved in the camera, no one can delete it, and you can use it to find the purpose of the car’s collision. G-sensors not only provide the record but also give excellent evidence of the accident. 

Motion Detectors

The next feature is the motion detectors. If your best car dash camera contains the motion detectors characters, it automatically records after revealing the motion and any movement. This feature allows the camera to record unwanted stuff and helps in saving the battery. If your cheap car dash camera does not have these detectors, you need to charge it frequently, and it does not record unwanted videos. Thus, buy those cameras that have motion detectors and G sensors features.

Type of Recording 

Most of the hidden spy cameras have either self-contained gadget recording. You will require either a USB cable connection or an SD card for viewing the item storage for seeing the recording. But now, live stream wireless hidden cameras have become another option that is available in the market. These live stream cameras allow the remote showing on your smartphone and apps available on other devices like tablets through an internet connection. Frequently, this high-quality feature work only if you provide the best Wi-Fi connection to the camera and power source. 

Wide-angle lens

A wide-angle lens will capture the video of the happenings around you in a detailed way. It will not only give you the front view from the car but also captures sideways. It uses different angles and axes to provide a high-quality image for your ease. It will keep the record of any overtaking as well to keep you safe.

Good picture quality

The wireless spy camera for a car should have the features to capture videos that have high picture quality. If a car camera records videos in great quality, then it can help you detect any kind of theft. It will simply record the video of the thief and help you find your car.

LCD screens

A better camera has great LCD display-enabled features. The quality of the video depends very much on the quality of the LCD screen. Always choose the camera that features a great view on the LCD as well.

Best Hidden Spy Cameras To Buy

The vehicle tracking, alarm systems, and motion-detecting sensors are helpful in locating your car in case of any incident. The high-tech cameras in the cars are now the new way to get your car back if it’s stolen. The wireless spy camera for the car also has alarming technology that can detect any theft, motion tampering, and glass breakage.

Usually, the thieves break into your car, and they are unaware of the dash cameras so, they get recorded, and you can easily find your car back.  It is, however, difficult for you to decide which camera is the best for you, and that’s what we are here for. Read the article till the end to get the most use of it.

1: Mini USB camera Module Board

hidden spy camera for car

Read the detailed description of this product. It has all the features of a great camera. This description will help you decide whether this product is made for you or not.

SONY image sensor

This wireless spy camera has the best image quality with international standards of sensitivity. It has a special 2.0 megapixels 06H serial USB module, which provides high sensitivity image sensors for the camera. Do not belittle its small size. Focus on what important functions it can perform. The camera module has special HD CMOS high sensitivity Sony IMX 322 image sensors. These sensors provide very high standards of image quality and sensitivity performance. The IMX 322 image sensor plays an important role in providing affordable products for customers. The cost-effective cameras with useful features make this camera an ideal one.

High-definition image quality

The high-quality camera image is produced by the web camera.0. The web camera USB module has a 2.0 megapixels high pixel technology which provides a sharp and clear image with accurate color reproduction. When the image and the color quality are good, automatically, the video comes out to be a great one. Moreover, all the images and all the videos you capture using this web camera are clear in HD resolution with original colors on the screen. The quality of these images and videos speaks volumes about the quality of the camera.

Low light illumination

The special quality of this camera is that it can work under any light conditions. It does not need very high light intensity like that during the daytime to give its proper function. It can work in low illumination as well. It has a high resolution, which makes the camera module the best choice for week light conditions. Moreover, it does not need any LED to function properly at night. The USB connecting port works with lowlight performance, so it is ideal for any lighting condition. It does not depend upon any light from the outside to work and gives its ideal performance.

Compression format

This wireless USB camera module has H.264 compression format. This compression format helps the camera to save more and more storage space. It does not keep saved any unnecessary videos or images in the camera. The 1080 HD high resolution provides the best picture quality and low megapixel, and then most of the space is saved for important images and videos.

Multiple wide-angle lenses

The camera has multiple Wide-Angle lenses, which can help you with various needs. There is a 2.1 mm lens and a 3.6 MM lens. It has a Fisheye 170-degree lens, 180-degree Fisheye lens, and 2.8 to 12 mm megapixels variable focal lengths. They provide no distortion and give a very beautiful image. The degree lenses are designed for choosing according to various needs. You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, Gamma, gain, white balance, backlight contrast, exposure, and different parameters.

  • Mini USB camera
  • HD picture quality
  • Fisheye lens
  • Wide-angle video recording
  • Low light illumination
  • USB connectivity is not robust
  • Operates with difficulty in PC


This camera can be a good choice for use in the car where you want to keep an eye on people inside your car. This mini-USB camera is already small enough to be hidden easily from other passengers in the car, and the wireless system adds cherry to the top. You can buy this camera for your car without thinking twice about it.

2: Rexing V1 dash cam

hidden spy camera for car

When you buy a dashcam for your vehicle, you want the best one with various factors like durability and performance. Car cameras are becoming popular due to many reasons, such as the security of your car. If you search for a dashcam that takes the best day and night videos ad easy to set up, Rexing V1 can be the best spy camera for a car. 

Here is the detailed information about the product, like its best features, description, pros, and cons. So, keep on reading to get your doubts clear.

Product description

Rexing V1 car dash camera has a wedge-shaped look that shows how much work has been put into making a suitable device for your car. You can set this spy cam with the help of a bracket rather than an amount that can be attached to your windscreen. It has a perfect size that allows for a 2.4-inch display. It has enough air to moderate heat.

This dashcam has a super steady performance with 1080p video quality. It is not as color-rich as we have seen on other pricy dash cams, but it provides sharp and extremely stable picture quality. Rexing V1 is a car dash camera 4K ultra-HD that offers two modes of video capture. One is 1920x1080p, and the second one is 1280×720. This device offers excellent coverage and protection with an extensive recording capacity of 170 degrees.

One of the reasons it becomes so popular is that this dash cam is easy to install and remove. Its operating system is user-friendly through a large screen and a decent button layout. You can connect external GPS to this device as it lacks internal GPS. This is a cheaper dashcam compare with others which makes it the perfect camera for some users. But that doesn’t mean it has less accessibility or design. 

Critical features of Rexing V1 dashcam:

  • Two video resolutions (1920x1080ps and 1280x720p with frame rate of30fps)
  • It is easy to install and remove.
  • The view rate is 170 degrees.
  • It supports external GPS
  • Dimensions: 17×12.7×7.6cm
  • Rexing V1 can watermark videos
  • This dashcam is the best spy camera for the car due to its low light recording capacity.
  • Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor
  • This Rexing dash cam has a 2.4-inch LCD screen
  • It has an SD card capacity of up to 256 GB
  • Rexing V1 weight is 408g

 Pros of Rexing V1 dashcam:

  • This dash can offer multi-lingual support
  • It has the feature of auto shutdown
  • High-quality video at day time as well as night time with 170-degree recording range
  • It has a seven-layer fixed focus with full-glass elements
  • For those who are looking for a dashcam with fie qualities, this Rexing V1 is perfect due to its low price

Cons of Rexing V1 dashcam

  • Size can be a little large for some people
  • It does not have a rear camera
  • It has no internal GPS


The Rexing V1 is the perfect dash cam that is available at a reasonable price. It has to capture high-quality video like any other high-priced car camera. It does not have an internal GPS, but you can connect an external GPS. The company put so much effort into designing it that shows through its look and functionality. You can buy Rexing V1- 4K ultra-HD car dashcam with an a2.4-inch LCD screen if you are looking for a dashcam with durability and HD quality.

3: Small Hidden Mini Spy Camera 

hidden spy camera for car

If you are searching for a hidden spy camera for your car, this mini camera is the perfect option for your car’s security. This best car dash camera is modest in shape and size. It is very small in size, and you can easily hide in your car and secure your place. You can keep your eye on the driver and view everything that happens outside the car. 

Night Vision 

This mini spy camera records the videos by diminishing the dark spots and record the high-quality video in any light condition. It comes with invisible infrared LED lights. These lights help in recording the best video under low light conditions.  Thus, if you use this camera, you can secure your home, offices, and other things in any situation and provide the best security. 

Motion Detection and Auto Recording

The wonderful feature of this cheap car dash camera is the motion detection and auto-recording service. It records automatically when any motion occurs, and the people cannot be seen; it does not create any noise during the capturing. The LED lights of the camera do not become visible. Its detectors activated the gadget immediately after recognizing the motion. The camera records when the movement detects and stops the recording of the movement stops and saves the footage. If the movement or motion is a bit, then the camera does not record. 

Best Video Capture Resolution 

This car dash camera comes with a 1080p video capturing resolution. Thus, it records 1080p HD videos that are sharp and crisp. Its recorded videos are clear, and you can see every detail of the videos without any distraction. Many people are looking for this type of spy camera for their cars. The size of this gadget is very small, and you easily hide it in any place, and nobody can notice it. 

Battery life 

The battery backup is a very important feature of the spy camera. If the battery life is short, then you frequently need to charge the camera for recording. But if your camera’s battery backup is good, then it works for a longer time. This camera comes with 100 minutes of battery life that is perfect for its competitors’ cameras. 


For secretly recording, the size is a matter for it. The small size is perfect for giving security to the house, office, and cars because small-sized cameras easily hid able.  This item comes in 0.704 ounces that make it very light and portable. 

Other features 

  • The company provides a 1-year warranty for this mini spy camera. • It is an action sports camera. 
    • For its operation does not need wireless Wi-Fi or apps. 
    • It is best for recording office meetings, adventure moments, and travel.
  • Portable
  • Easy to use.
  • Cheap rate
  • No wireless Wi-Fi connection needed
  • Records HD footage
  • Longer battery life
  • Easily discreet
  • None


A spy hidden camera for the car is an amazing option if you want to keep an eye on your car’s inside and want evidence of the collisions. It is not easy to choose the best car dash camera for security. You need to carefully check some cameras’ features because it is impossible to test every gadget separately. But do not worry, I have discussed the best product that contains all the features that help record the videos without viewing the others. Thus choose the best product for your car security.

4: Secure Guard HD 720p Car Rear View Mirror Camera

hidden spy camera for car

Best Video Quality

It comes with a 1080p resolution at 30 FPS. It increased the video quality to a pretty and intense level. The rear mirror camera is built in the car’s mirror—the putting advantage of being allowed handsome much anyplace. It gives the perfect recording and videos both at day and night time. 

View Angle

The Secure Guard HD 720p Car Rear View Mirror Camera comes with a 70-degree view angle. It is not tremendous but covers the varied scene of the road. When it records, it leaving more blind spots and record everything occurring around your vehicle. The significant element of this car dash camera is the rear camera lens. This camera help to cover the inside area of the car and nobody will notice it. 

Motion Detection 

This camera activates when it detects any disturbance. When movement or collisions happen, this dash camera is active and starts recording. It remains working when the disruption remains to occur. It goes to sleep mode as the motion or movement stops. But the recording is automatically locked in it and does not damage the recording in sleeping mode.

SD Card and Wi-Fi access feature 

When any disturbance happens, then this rear camera begins to record and save to the SD card. The motion detection feature helps in saving SD save for extended record time. It holds up to 64 GB SD cards. This model comes with WIFI access. This car dash rear camera is powered by battery for 8 hours and car 12V cigar power plug for remains. It has a power cable and internal battery. 

Easy installation process

This model comes with a simple installation process. You also obtained installing guide when you purchase a rear car dash camera. Some rearview mirror cameras take more in establishing. One of the NikoMaku rearview gets around those issues by providing you with a mounting system that anyone can run. Camera This rear camera does not take more time to set in the car’s mirror and has a straightforward method. In a shorter time, you can fix it.


  • Dimensions: 11.97 x 4.21 x 2.09 inches
  • Resolution: 1080p #30fps
  • Viewing angle: 72 degree
  • Storage: up to 64 GB SD cards
  • Connectivity technology: Wi-Fi
  • Weight: 1.13 pounds          
  • Reasonable price
  • Full-color High video quality
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Simple installation
  • Full Motion detection quality
  • Supports up to 64 GB SD cards
  • Include internal battery
  • Compatible with Win8 and Mac OSX
  • Lower view angle

5: LILEXO Mini Security Camera

hidden spy camera for car

The vehicle tracking, alarm systems, and motion-detecting sensors are helpful in locating your car in case of any incident. The high-tech cameras in the cars are now the new way to get your car back if it’s stolen. The cameras for car theft also have the alarming technology that can detect any theft, motion tampering, and glass breakage.

Usually, the thieves break into your car, and they are unaware of the dash cameras so, they get recorded, and you can easily find your car back.  It is, however, difficult for you to decide which camera is the best for you, and that’s what we are here for. Read the article till the end to get the most use of it.

Latest version camera

Having the latest version of the camera you use is the dream of every dash cam user. LILEXO mini smart security camera can be a great option if you are also fond of the latest technologies. This camera is designed especially with all the advanced technologies to fulfill your needs. This camera is compact and very user-friendly. Anyone can operate it without having much experience or training.


The most important feature of this camera is that it is portable. You can take it from place to place according to your need, either inside the car or for any other outside usage. It has a magnetic backing, which makes it stick to any surface wherever you want to keep an eye on the surrounding events. But this camera has no built-in wifi system. You can use it in your office or home, or any other place that you find suspicious.

Clear image, day and night

All that this camera offers you is a clear image of the day as well as the night. This camera has special innovative anti-shake technology. This technology stabilizes your camera even at very high speed or a bumpy road. This camera records the videos at 1080 p in full HD resolution. The videos are captured at a wide angle of 120 degrees with multi lenses. The special night vision IR LED lights can record the videos in the same high-resolution picture quality no matter whatever the lighting conditions are. This feature is always loved by the users and makes this camera one of the outstanding cameras in the competition.

Motion detection

This camera has a special motion-activated sensor, which only activates if the camera detects any motion near the car. This feature, on the one hand, helps in recording any kind of incident around the car, while on the other hand, it saves the storage space from running out. This camera holds up to a 32GB microSD card, which is not included in the package. So, you have to buy it in order to save your money in repeated investments in the SD card. This special micro camera keeps on clearing the storage as well as it does not save any extra videos. The special micro camera also keeps on recording when you keep it on charging. So, you cannot be worried about the dead batteries.

Endless possibilities

Even this camera is small, but it has infinite options for you. You can keep it in your pocket. You can keep it inside or outside your house, your car, or your office. You can use this camera as a drone and in recording the action, sports, aerial, kids, or any kind of back camera simply. Whatever function you want, this camera can do for you. Buy it and then leave the rest to your camera. It can be rendered as a small camera with endless possibilities.

High-security camera

This special camera has been designed by LILEX to provide you high security about your car. The company takes your security seriously, and its mission is to provide you with the best customer experience possible. When you choose this brand, you are picking your peace of mind because there will be no option of any mistake in the recording done by the camera.

  • Clear picture quality
  • Easy to hide
  • Compact, spy camera
  • Night vision
  • Portable micro camera
  • No wifi
  • It does not motion record but keeps on recording constantly
  • The battery does not last longer

Final verdict

The LILEXO mini camera is a very impressive one. There are so many features packed into this tiny thing. The videos have high-quality resolution during the day as well as at night. However, you might need to learn some details about it to operate it well, but it is not a difficult task. It gives you a lot of things jam-packed in one. Get this camera for your car as soon as possible. 


The Secure guard rearview mirror camera gets my choice as a spy camera in a car mirror. It comes with the best built that gives considerable flexibility and has incredibly impressive specs. It is lower in weight and weighing only 1.13 pounds, and is easy to install in the car mirror. If you are in the market and looking for a spy camera in a car mirror at a reasonable price, but this one and enjoy your security during the driving or parking.

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